Dmitry and Marina Zelenskie

Pastors of the Church (since August 2013) Dima and Marina Zelenskie

Dmitriy was born in Minsk in 1974.
In 1991 he came to believe in God in “Church of Jesus Christ”, Minsk. The same year he became associate leader of the home group and started to serve in the ushers’ group.
1992 till 1994 he was a leader of home group and participated in youth ministry and evangelism ministry.
1994 till 1996 he was one of the church elders (he supervised several home groups).
1996 till 1997 (after graduating from Polytechnic Academy) he served in Armed Forces of Republic of Belarus.
1997 till 2013 he served as associate pastor.
1997 till 2001 he coordinated work of Missionary Ministry.
2000 till 2002 he served as one of regional pastors of the church.
Also, starting from 1997 he helps Belarusian churches that actively cooperate with “Church of Jesus Christ”, Minsk, to organize their services.
2008 till 2013 he coordinated work of Information Ministry and Creative Laboratory of the church.
Since August, 2013 he became senior pastor of “Church of Jesus Christ”, Minsk.
Dmitriy and Marina Zelenskiy got married in 1998. They are raising three daughters: Nastya, Yana and Mariya.

Here is what Dmitriy speaks about his ministry:

Two main streams of my ministry: to bring people to intimate relationships with God and also to help them to discover and release the calling on their lives. There is no greater joy to me than to see people becoming strong and mature in God.

Boris and Bella Chernoglaz

Pastors of the Church (January 2002 - August 2013) Boris and Bella Chernoglaz


Benjamin and Nelly Brukh

Pastors and the founders of the Church (1991 - January 2002) Benjamin and Nelly Brukh


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