Church's History

In 1991 few believers started to gather together. It was the beginning of the ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ in Minsk, Full Gospel church. God has chosen Benjamin and Nelly Brukh to do this work, to build this local church in Minsk.

In January, 1991, we were called by God to study in the Bible School «Christ to the World», which was located in Latvian town Elgava. This school was headed by S.Bradkovich, man of amazing faith, who devoted all of his life to minister to God and to people. Our teachers were filled with love and compassion and they had great vision – to help start thousands of churches throughout the whole Soviet Union. They were able to pass this vision to the students of the School.About 75 students from the whole Soviet Union came to study because that was time of spiritual hunger. For 70 years in our country there were no freely accessible spiritual educational institutions where sound Bible doctrines would be taught and the Vision for the ministry would be developed. Bible School “Christ to the World” in Elgava was one of the first Bible Schools in our country.

It was time when the opportunity came for the preachers and pastors to come to preach the Gospel on the territory that was closed before. Many pastors and missionaries were carrying the Word of God to the people in our country.

For decades this simple Gospel was being forbidden, distorted and made out of reach for the simple people. People who read Bible or visited church were laughed and scorned. Children of believing parents were constantly persecuted and made fun of at schools, they could not continue studying in the higher education institutions of the country.

We greatly appreciate those, who answered to the need of our people for the Word of Life. Your labor, ministry and sacrificialness are not in vain. Our great gratitude is to all those who prayed for us and for our country, to all those who were supporting financially missionaries and ministers that were coming to minister in our country. Right now thousands of churches are working on the territory of the former Soviet Union, bringing fruits for the Kingdom of God.

While studying in Elgava together with my wife we felt the calling from God to start the church in Minsk. Before 1991 there were no Full Gospel churches in Minsk.

In the end of May, 1991, we came to Belarusian capital and checked into the hotel "Svisloch". We have never been to Minsk before. We walked around the streets and prayed for people, made acquaintances, preached the Gospel and tried to help as much as we could to people that became close to us.

In the middle of July, 1991, in the theatre of Yanka Kupala first evangelistic services started. At that time pastor Paul Zink, his wife Sharon and the team from their church "New Life" from Jacksonville (Florida, USA) visited our church.

In February of 1992 church was officially registered. In the same year at the Minsk stadium "Dinamo" large services took place together with the famous evangelist Peter Youngren. Thousands of people in Minsk heard live Gospel, were saved and healed. Especially I remember one you man who was paralyzed - he was present at the service. After the prayer he was able to come to the stage on his own and testify about God's miracle of healing.

End of 1994 and beginning of 1995 were marked as the time of crysis in relationships among people in the church, among the leaders of the church and in the structure of leadership. It was time of search. What to do? How to go on? With whom? At that time we started working on the new Charter and Internal order. We worked to organize the structure of the church and to make the atmosphere of order and discipline in the church and in its services. It seemed to me like we were not moving and, naturally, it was not inspiring for us. But we needed to ay down solid foundation for the future growth of the church. In that year we registered new Charter of the Church.

In May of 1996 T.L.Osborn had conference in Minsk for five days. Revelation of redemption made substantial impact on God's people. Many people were encouraged and they started to participate in the ministries of the church more actively. By that time we had 55 home groups and 739 members of the church. In summer church has celebrated it fifth anniversary, and in December Dr. Osborn again preached in our church.

In 1997 Spiritual Association Calvary Fellowship was organized in Belarus. this fellowship of pastors was created to have more successful building of the local churches. We were doing many evangelistic meetings in streets. In the church systematic Bible training was organized for new believers and for Christians that wanted to minister. Number of home groups reached 90 and the number of church members reached 949. We started to pray and think about evangelistic tent meetings.

Year 1998 – team of doers was organized - they are devoted to the Lord, full of love and compassion to people, anointed by God and filled with the Holy Spirit, trained and prepared. On October, 12 of this year daily prayer meetings started in the church. First tent evangelistic services were conducted. Church had 115 home groups and 1053 church members.

Year 1999 – preaching about cleansing from sin and lawlessness, about true daily consecration to God becomes a key theme in the church. Tent evangelistic services were organized and conducted in three regions of Belarus. Process of training the church members for more successful ministry in the dying world has started. Church enters new 2000 year.

Year 2000 – this year was marked by the beginning of pressure from the authorities of Belarus against the Evangelical churches. Throughout the whole country authorities did all they could to hinder the ministry of the churches, authorities were also using illegal methods. Church was illegally deprived of the opportunity to rent the hall for the services. At that time we were forced to have church meetings in home groups. Church leaders had lawsuits made against them.

At the same year God raised to the national level revelation about the Evangelical history of Belarus.

In year 2001 Evangelical churches of Belarus became more active in social life, got closer to each other in ministry, found more unity among themselves.

Interdenominational meetings started, our church played active role in these meetings. These meetings helped to find and to work out strategies for different spheres of churches' life. In the same year our church started to actively defend its rights in courts and won several cases. Nothing like that happened in Belarus before!

After the time when authorities deprived us of the opportunity to rent halls for the services, together with other Evangelical churches of Minsk we had several services in one of the squares of the city.

Not everybody could stand the absence of the place for regular services and propaganda of authorities against the Evangelical churches. Some people have left the church. Yet trials strengthened faithful people.

In year 2002 founder of the church Benjamin Brukh received calling into apostolic ministry and turned the pastoral ministry to Boris Chernoglaz. On January, 22nd, 2002, pastor Boris was ordained into the ministry by pastor Benjamin Brukh and Paul Zink (NLCF).

In the following several years many new ministries emerged in the church. Boris and Bella Chernoglaz became spiritual parents for many church members, ministering in their gift for the development and deepening of the mutually strengthening connections. Despite the fact that their children and many of their relatives lived in Israel, they decided to stay in Belarus in order to minister in the church.

On the 22nd anniversary of the church pastors Boris and Bella transferred pastorate to Dmitriy and Marina Zelenski by ordaining them into ministry. Dmitriy actively participates in the life of the church practically from the moment it began. He came to believe in God in the fall of 1991.

Presently church ministers to the people of Belarus and to other people, actively participating in the New Reformation movement in Belarus which encompasses different spheres of life: education, culture, enlightenment.

Church continues actively to help large families, destitute and needy people, hosts evangelistic services, Bible seminars and schools, educational programs, visiting hospitals etc. Church members are active citizens of our country, they love Belarus and desire that Belarus would prosper, they pray about it and work for that purpose.

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